How to Read What a Woman’s Body is Trying to Tell You – By Looking at Her Body!

Dude, have you ever met a girl who for some reason, doesn’t want to talk to you? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, if a woman acts like this and you don’t take action, you are going to become a CHARACTER in her eyes. And even if you do take action, bad things are going to happen!

Why? Because you are not AUTHENTIC with the action you took. A woman will look at ” Authority” but it’s only because she has been social conditioning to accept it, to like it, and to do what it takes to live up to it.

You don’t add value to the interaction by assuming it’s dark, people are going to do what they are supposed to do, get it, get on with their lives etc.

Approach like you are a MAN and you are HAPPY to be interacting with a beautiful woman. Happiness is the key to attraction, my friend. So even if you are a SHE lesbian, know that there are plenty of good men!

There aren’t –

As you can see, the bad news is that if you aren’t exactly good with women, really bad, no benefit, no nothing, it’s time to put on your bathing suits, white shirt, iron your shirt, shave that beard and get in the gym – get in shape dude!

You see, it’s noSound attractive to say

“OMG! Open your mouth and talk to us”

It just sounds totally icky, unfun and makes them feel uncomfortable right away.

Another bad thing with opener, as you don’t want her changing her internal script for this, be very, very SCARCE!

In the mean time, lets move oonight to the conversation!

Here are some things to say in adressing her:

“Hi” and “Hello” are the easiest and nicest to remember. No trilly “excuse me’s” or “heya’s”, just a simple introduction.

Also do close with an “Hi, how are you?” or a “What’s up man, here’s my number, give me a call!”

That’s it, that’s all the game.

A majority of men have the same problem, they don’t actually COMMENT in a meaningful way, if you could talk to her like that, you probably wouldn’t pick up any phone numbers, now or ever.

Talk to her, LISTEN to her and DON’T BE NEEDY!

Not sure what I mean?

Well, let me tell you something. Everyone, EVERYONE is desperate to find someone to be with. That’s a fact. It’s human nature for a girl to get approached all the time and while we all like the feeling of being approached, let’s be a bit careful of the pick up lines!

I say funny isn’t it? I mean why do we not compliment the girl when she look so fine, or smile so hypnotically wonderful. We actually have to think about it and speak. If we were not, the universe would be full of animals taking advantage of people and instead of us being approached, it would be the other way around.

While it can be fun to make fun of a girl, only looking good, standing out there all alone not knowing what to say, AT MOST times it will make you look like a jerk! It’s better to take just one liner and leave then try to fill in the blanks later!

OK but what to talk about?

This is where reading a bit into things comes in handy. Now, it’s very difficult for most men to take a moderation approach to this because let’s be honest and say we as men could not give two cents for half the secrets to understanding women.

I use to feel really bad about this and think that men are complex.