Two Ways Seducing A Woman Into Your Bedroom


Seducing is like a dance… you start slow and it gets better (usually very quickly) The initial encounter is very important. It is when you first throw your lines out and attempt a line read which involves eye contact, wink, body language, verbal reassurance of your manliness…. Basically, it’s when you’re putting your best foot forward and trying your best to show she likes you.


If the initial encounter produces the expected reaction, i.e. she looks at you, says something, etc. and you know without a shadow of doubt that she should be interested in getting inside your outer walls, then you’ve got something. This can be a fairly simple one chat if you know what to say and how to say it.

Most guys just “wing it” so when they see a woman they might be interested in, they start off thinking “Is she maybe interested in me… oh, shit! Maybe she’s already got a boyfriend!” This is of course one of the major problems with the memorized lines we see over and over again on TV and in the movies.

In real life, pick up lines work only as far as the girl you are currently dealing with decides to take them. She has to be genuinely interested in you to continue talking to you. Can you entertain her for three minutes or twenty minutes? Are you comfortable when you talk to her?

When you are dealing with somebody who seems emotionally unavailable… it might be smart to forget about the memorized pick up lines, and work on your conversational skills and your ability to make her feel emotional. I call this ” emotionally hooking” because girls just like emotional connection with people they are with.

Make short talkSoothing gesturePlease herBody languagePut her at easeEye contactCompliment her
tips to seduce women in bed

And here’s where the fun really begins. When you are able to make her emotionally attracted to you and you have successfully shown that you are a man of value, she will begin to feel curious about you. “Why isn’t this guy more interested in me? Seducing He must have been nervous at the beginning!” She will start thinking that maybe she did something wrong and this will make her want to get to know you better.

She may begin to talk to you… or not. It is that simple.

I wish somebody would get this exactly right and go out and actually try to seduce women with memorized “pick up lines.” That would be like hooking up with a girl on VH1 because she’s got the slightest bit of interest in hooking up with this TV personality Seducing.


If you simply approach women with the goal of getting her number and then you won’t see a progress in any of your relationships. It’s simple. Make her feel attraction plus interest. Is she attracted to you? Did you succeed? Think about this a second. If you became emotionally available and you had no problems telling her that plus interested, you now have a girlfriend you probably wouldn’t want to let go of.

And would that be a bad thing? It’s hard to say actually.

Look at it this way: the last time you saw a guy at a bar that was absolutely crass, you probably got a number or two, right? But did you think “Oh well, he’s not a potential boyfriend material, so I gave him a chance and he failed.”

I guarantee you it won’t be like that with a woman you just met.

You need to be sure she’s into you, at least a little bit, before you proudly display that to her.