How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You ? Many times I was sitting in a group sitting and talking about how women are funny creatures. One girl that I definately liked was sitting there. Just sitting and talking. You know what I’m talking about. Eventually one of her friends approached me and told me that her friend was talking about me. I told her that I don’t know who that is but that I’ve never met that person. My friend said “That could be your friend.” I said “No no, that’s not them. She’s the one that likes to sit at the corner of the bar.” At that point of time I don’t know if she was drunk but I felt that she was. So after that encounter I never saw her again.

Likes You

So, how can you tell if a girl likes you? Well, I didn’t go over the encounter with the girl that I liked with a fine tooth comb. I bet there were things that she would have said. Things like “Did you see that guy standing over there? He’s trying to get my attention.” Or “I saw you trying to do something with your phone and I didn’t know what it was.” “I was trying to call my mom and I saw you doing the same.” Or “I need some advice about going to this party.” These are things you would have found a conversation about. Some good openers can come off to be very simple and straightforward. I have been told of cases where women were really pissed off because the guy tried to start a conversation with them. At that point all they think about is that they don’t want me and they were probably already trying to tell me that I was not suitable for them. So there are these little subtle clues that women give out and you need to be aware of what these are, and what they mean. They usually leave us wondering, how can I tell if a girl likes me.

Does today’s woman like to keep any contact with the guy she is speaking with?

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Does she throw him a phone call after the meeting in which to just talk about everything that came up during the meeting? If so, is it a one time thing or is she still interested in hearing about it? If you are seeing a girl for a while and you get a one time phone call telling you about her, she may or may not still be interested. Now this is a good sign telling you that she likes you. If she still talks to you and mentions going out again, think back a little and recall when you last heard from her. Was she calling you up more often. Was she sharing her day with you? If she still comes around and hangs out, it’s very obvious that she still likes you.

Is she still trying to win your approval? A smart thing to watch for is whether or not she’s trying to gain your approval.

For example, she:

Calls you to ask you where you are

Whisper to you her deepest secrets


In love

At ease

Really likes you

All these things are subtle things. However if she:

  • Avoids the word NO.
  • osenesses you.
  • Always says please, thank you, and I love you.
  • Always makes sure she looks good.
  • Really seems to have fun around you.
  • Now if a girl isn’t interested, she would:
  • Smile very quickly.
  • Make it obvious to you that she wants you, but not in a bad way. She’d would laugh at everything you say, keep it light and sweet, and try to avoid saying anything that has to do with commitment, the future, marriage, or anything serious.
  • Always makes sure she is with a woman just like you.
  • Doesn’t go as far as to get a job in case you ask, doesn’t really need your money, and doesn’t need to go down your hunter’s hole the lower a man gets in your life.
  • Looks past your spendthrift friends and family.
  • Being indifferent to your needs.
  • Doesn’t want to go out of her way to make you happy. (Doesn’t care about what you like and what you don’t like)
  • Doesn’t call you as often as you call her.
  • Looks past your jealousy.
  • Looks past your short term satisfaction.
  • She can’t be bothered with small issues like you wanting a week off from the office to spend with your family over the holidays.
  • Accepts your value without trying to bribe you with sex.
  • She can look past your faults.

Now, I realize some of this isn’t normally considered healthy, but this is the healthy way for men to view women. Most beautiful women wouldn’t dream of going out with a man like this.

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