Dating Cutely

First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re new at this or that, or hoping for your first shot. However, first dates are also an opportunity to be warm, inviting, and – most importantly – cute. Take advantage of these special but crucial moments and make your dating experience extra special come 20 Accordingly.

• Wear something comfortable. First dates are at your home so you want to make sure you look super cute. But also make sure you wear something that you’ll be comfortable in. A dress that comes to the door a little too long will give your date the wrong impression and–even worse–challenge his or her good taste.

• Be yourself. This is the most important point. It is impossible to get a date, much less a cute one, if you keep lying, acting crap, or worse, just being plain old you. Confused? Don’t be. Simply put, if you want a cute date, you must act and be cute like yourself. Pretending to be anything other than the fabulous person you are will definitely backfire. Think “cute” along the same lines as you would “sweet” and “happy”.

• Dress up appropriately. This is highly important, not just in getting the date but also in getting yourself ready for that date. A lot can be said for being in decent shape, not just physically but also in your mind and attitude. Self-confidence is crucial if you’re going to get a date you need. If you’ve been putting yourself down for a while (self-esteem), it’s about time you start reminding yourself how awesome you really are.

• Be chill. No matter what happens, don’t freak out. A brand-new date is someone you’re familiar with, and therefore, someone you know very well already. Don’t get all awed at just the sight of them, breathe in, and realize that they’re just a guy, and in a little while you’ll be able to relax and enjoy his company. Nothing is going to develop faster if you can relax. In fact, keeping your nervousness will practically guarantee that you’ll have a memorable date.

• Draw him out. When it comes to interested dating, men are often oblivious. This doesn’t need to be the case with you, though. Whenever you’re at a loss as to what to do on a date, look him in the eye and ask him as sincerely as you can. Then, when you have his answers and details all set in, move on to the next step.

• Easy does it. Think of a date as any other ordinary preparations. Dress up cleanly, butif you know the wrong thing to do, ready yourself with ample time for the date. You could pick him up or have him arrange for someone to pick you up. Make your date something short and simple yet spectacular. In short, put your best foot forward so he’ll be expecting something big when he sees you.

• Be yourself. Never pretend to be someone just because you get the date. Let him like you for what you are and what you shouldn’t be. Be confident in everything you do and everything you say. Never lie or make up stories. If you have to be something else, he might see that sooner or later.

• Have fun. On a date, everybody is looking for something to do and to have fun. Show him your fun side and show him you can have fun. Guys are usually reluctant to be with woman who can’t seem to loosen up or who can’t seem to give in to their crowd of peers.

A whole new world of dating has just opened for you. strangestly enough, the best dates sometimes happen to be the ones that start out as terribly awkward. But the main thing is to know by now that getting a date is not the most difficult part of the entire dating experience. Leaving dates smoothly will be your main priority. So keep these three things in mind and concentrate on being prepared for a fun-filled night.